How to Travel the World and Get Paid to Do It!

Well I wouldn’t be a helping hand blogger If I didn’t share my Amazing Travel Club with Everyone! What is it? How does it work? Who much is it? And “what’s in it for you?”

It’s simple!! We are called Worldventures and located in Plano Texas. We’re in all 50 states 29 Countries! And we work similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco membership. Basically you choose a membership. We have 3 Standard, Gold or Platinum. Depending on your Travel needs. Standard has access to over 5000 discounted Dreamtrips. Gold has access to 5000 Dreamtrips and a booking site to book from yourself and earn point’s for vacations and online shopping and dining discounts. Platinum is VIP “big daddy of memberships”. Yes there’s more but that’s just the jist of it. Dreamtrips are AMAZING and include hotels excursions and meals all pre packaged and offer AMAZING rates for our members. Bottom line we are becoming the Facebook of Travel and our company is growing in EXPONENTIAL numbers because it saves Travelers SO MUCH MONEY!! It’s definitely worth looking into. Ok so now let’s get to the “Travel and Get Paid to do it” part. 

When we refer friends we get paid on memberships from the company. That simple!! The company has several ranks and payment benefits just for simply getting members onto the Club. I personally have been POSITIVELY Impacted by the company because my family was only taking one vacation  a year and barely at that.  (Mainly went local places). To now taking 10 vacations a year because it’s now affordable to go Venture the World on this Awesome Club.

Me and the hubby in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico

 All Inclusive 4 Diamond Marival

Nuevo Vallarta Beach
Travel Fun at AT&T Stadium Dallas Tx
My friends first trip to NYC Thanks to the Club
Me and the hubby in Las Vegas
Me and the Hubs Anchorage Alaska
Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Daughter enjoying swim up pool
Airport pickup with the Club
My other friends Enjoying the Club
Some other Dreamtrips I’ve taken

So because of the Club we are Truly Living Life to the Fullest now!!! 

Want more info go to Dreamtrips Travel Club And Take a Look or sign up on my site!! 

There’s Sooo Much World to See!! 

Also just a tip.. You can triple dip if your a Travel blogger and/or photographer. It gives you more Peak life experiences to capture or blog about. So there’s ample opportunity for All!! 

Membership prices can be found on website.


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